What successful entrepreneurs have in common

Well I have been at USC for the whole month of July and I have had the honor of being able to listen to many amazing speakers and I wanted to share what most of the successful ones had in common. We listened to many companies’ Entrepreneurs from companies such as Cabo Chips, College Zoom, Roozt, and probably my favorite speaker was the owner of Mobile Roadie. Many had great stories on how they came about their business. This is what they all had in common.


1. A Passion

All of these entrepreneurs found a passion and found a way to blend business with a passion. If there is something you genuinely enjoy, go after it and see if you are able to capitalize on the market to make a product or service to meet demand to solve a pain. Even if that passion is something as simple as, “music”. Find a way to have fun and create a business surrounding your passion.

2. A Market

Every business needs a customer, without one a business fails, duh. Do some research, see if the business you are looking to do will attract a customer. Is the business your doing have something unique that will set it apart from the same business up the street. Market is one the top 3 things you need to have when starting a business. (Idea and Entrepreneur is the other 2)

3. An Entrepreneur

Is the person behind the business passionate enough to make it successful? Why would I invest money into a business where the person behind it isn’t going to make the company the next Apple or Google? The entrepreneur  least have the passion to want to do so. Many of the companies were run by passionate people with ever changing ideas to evolve their companies over time to satisfy their customer, and every entrepreneur should do so as well.


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