Told Media Experience Pt.2

Told Media Experience Pt.2

            It’s been a month since my last post now, and things are starting to take shape the way we envisioned them! My role overall has shifted from a sales position to more of a marketing / business development role. As of last week, we were able to officially on-board four extremely bright team members who have skills ranging from film, writing, graphic design, journalism and even photography. Between the four of us, we have come up with a strategic plan to highlight some of the best local Inspiring Stories, local businesses, CEO’s and Start-Up Companies in the Philadelphia area!

In a marketing sense, the concept of creating content that has nothing to do with your business was brought to my attention by one of my favorite entrepreneurs / motivational speakers GaryVee. He has always preached that in today’s digital age, your company is a media company that does X. Think about it, companies used to pay a premium to be advertised on mediums such as Billboards, TV Commercials and even print (they still do!). The game of marketing is won by winning over a consumer’s attention, and attention of the modern day consumer is spent online! When you can create organically recognized and shared content, you win the Internet and if you have a product to sell, you might just sell them on what you do.

I’m all about transferrable skills, if I don’t believe the time investment I make into something isn’t going to pay off or help me out somewhere down the line, you most likely won’t see me doing it. By learning how to find partners to work with, creating content, editing the content and strategically pushing the content, I am basically learning how marketing occurs at scale in 2017. The equipment, barriers to entry and process for creating this type of content 10 years ago cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, that isn’t the case anymore, so I’m excited to apply these concepts and see what happens as a result.

As far as my content team goes, my idol and former Apple CEO Steve Jobs said it best, “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” Currently, I am learning as much as possible from the people around me, and simply bringing the skills that I have to the table. I hope that the skills that come from content creation will help me down the line in whatever business I decide to become involved in.

Be sure to stay up to date and view some of our content as we publish it on our social media channels and I hope we have some great content to show by the next time I end up here writing another post!

@ToldMedia on Twitter / @ToldMediaStory on Instagram / @ToldMediaStory on Facebook & on YouTube

Vincent Quigg – – 562-999-6391 –


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