Present Tense

I decided to write about a topic that I've been thinking a lot about recently – and I believe it's important to address, not only for myself but maybe for others who might be contemplating certain events in their lives that have lead up to this day.

It's important to know where you are now and where you eventually want to be. But the most important thing to remember is to live in the moment. Specifically for me, sometimes I look back at my different business ventures I've involved myself in and the money I "should've" had by now – and sometimes I think I regret my decisions. But let me tell why I don't:


At 19 I had $20,000 in my bank account and even when while I was at WVU I was bidding on $10,000 cars while in the dining hall for (562)Motors. I look at where I'm at financially now – and sometimes I want to think about regretting my decisions, but I don't regret a single thing.

Every time I had money, I made sure to live it up in the moment at the different stages in my life, while still investing in myself and my education both in school and in business. I've always constantly pushed myself to stay away from full-priced items (50% of anything I own I have a story as to how I got it cheaper than regular price), and to spend the majority of my money on experiences such as vacations, concerts or anything that involves myself doing things in a brand new environment.

I constantly think about how Blake Mycoskie wrote about how he started TOMS. It stemmed from a simple vacation to Argentina, where he learned first hand about the issues children were having with their ability to afford shoes. He found a local shoemaker in Argentina, brought the concept to America to give a shoe to a child in need for every shoe purchased. His company is now worth 300 Million Dollars.

A lot of people say, I'll travel when I'm rich, or I'll do this or that when X happens. But before they know it – the opportunity passes and they never get around to doing what they told themselves they would do. I'm pushing myself to find the balance between living for my future but not forgetting to live in the present.

We are all a product of our environments, but if you aren't satisfied with the product, then maybe you should change the environment.


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