Stories Featured in Philadelphia

It’s been a couple weeks following my tenure in Philadelphia with Told Media – a digital product agency where we helped companies tell their stories through digital products.

Another focus we had was diving into the city and finding CEO’s and executive members of different companies, non-profits and historical landmarks to tell their entities stories through video! This was a marketing play that we were able to effectively start from the ground up in 1 month for $0!

Below are the final pieces of content of the different organizations featured in Philadelphia! Told Media has since closed it’s doors since I left Philadelphia – but we were still able to fulfill our promise to companies and non-profits alike to create them a professional piece of content that they can use for their marketing needs.

If you’re curious as to why we created these videos in the first place, it was simply to create brand awareness for Told Media by effectively creating pieces of content for established entities that allowed us to use their name and network to market our services to the public. Relationships are huge in business and I can thank Gary Vaynerchuk and The Thank You Economy for giving us the original idea to take on this content marketing strategy in the first place! I’d also like to thank the brilliant content creation team we had to make this all happen as well!

Here are the videos below! Enjoy!


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